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Honest Review of Holiday Ins

Holiday Inn is unarguably one of the most popular American hotels globally, founded in Tennessee, and has spread to developing and developed countries over the years. One of the main reasons for their popularity is that they are affordable and midscale hotels. In this article, we will give an honest review of Holiday Inn hotels so that you can decide whether to stay there on vacation or not.

A fact is that out of every ten travellers you will talk to, nine have stayed in one of the Holiday Inn chains. So, without any further, let’s dig into Holiday Inn details.


Because Holiday Inn is not a 5-star hotel chain, the rooms are great spacious and have a very nice view. All the rooms have private bathrooms with free toiletries. The mattresses and beddings feel very comfortable too. All the rooms have properly working air conditioning and heating mechanisms. There are big flat TV screens, dressers, and nice furniture. You have options to select from a wide range of rooms like King suite, Family Suite, deluxe rooms, etc.

Spa, Gym, and Public Lounge

All the Holiday Inn hotels have spa areas where you can relax and release stress in your mind and body. You will have a great gym where you will find all the equipment and instructors. Holiday Inn’s public lounges are great, spacious, and have very neutral color schemes. A great thing that the Holiday Inn management does to keep the environment of the hotel was clean and healthy for everyone in the smoking restriction. You can’t smoke when you are in the public lounge, spa, or gym.


If you are a foodie and looking for a hotel where you get great food while you enjoy your stay at Holiday Inn can be a very nice option. If you imagine a luxurious experience with dancing and magicians showing their tricks, you won’t find it there because it’s not a fancy luxurious hotel. The breakfast comes under the room rate, but you have to be separate for lunch and dinner.

Swimming Pools

All the Holiday Inn hotels have a swimming pool and hot tubs, so there won’t be an issue if you like swimming. The best part about their pools is getting free water without paying any extra money.

Free Parking and Security

Holiday Inn provides you with a free parking facility that is a blessing when you opt for a hotel to save money. The security of the hotel is also very uptight, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Hotel Staff

The most important thought of staying in space after comfortability and privacy is the staff that is treating you. And if the staff is not nice to you or makes you feel uncomfortable, your whole vacation experience can get ruined because you have to come to your hotel every day, of course. But you will be glad to know that the Holiday Inn staff is extremely nice, friendly, and they hire people after properly testing their communication and behavior.

Final Words

That was our honest review of the Holiday Inn hotel Esteem, and we hope that it will help you when you are setting off for a vacation. But we would like to say that even though it is not a luxurious hotel to stay in, it still checks most of the boxes for a nice stay spot. And for more content like this, stay tuned.…

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Lodges Vs. Hotels

Are you confused about the hotels and lodges? Hotels and lodges are places where the travelers and the tourist stay. The basic difference between the two is that hotels have restaurants where people can enjoy meals in the hotel while lodge only provides accommodation.

Most people do not know the difference between the two. Both the hotels and lodges provide accommodation for travelers and tourists. Let us see the detailed features or services offered at the hotels that lodges do not provide.


  • Hotels are easier to spot; most of the time, these are greater in number with huge capacity for the visitors. Hotel is a usually a huge building with plenty of rooms for people to stay for few days.
  • Hotels provide a variety of the other services other than accommodation. Hotels have more inclusive services, including lodging. The meals are provided to the residents through room service, or if the hotel is well established, it may have restaurants inside where people can enjoy their favorite meals.
  • There are various types of hotels. Some are small with only basic facilities while others are for the elite class with outstanding royal facilities for the visitors providing complete leisure and joy. These hotels are 7-star hotels.
  • The pricing varies based on the services provided by the hotel management. Most of the hotels are located near tourist destinations, and people visit these places on vacation and stays for many days.
  • Some of the hotels like Hilton have the service of arranging business or social events. People book hotels at their dream destination to make their day more joyful and pleasant. Lodges do not offer such services.


  • Lodges are places where people can stay for a short period. A room is provided with the necessities for a short time stay. It is a shelter and resting point for travelers and tourists.
  • The meals are usually not provided to the people staying in lodges. Lodges are different from hotels as the sole purpose of the lodge is to provide accommodation, but hotels have many other facilities. That is why rooms in the lodges are comparatively cheaper than those in the hotels.
  • Lodges are hard to find because most people prefer hotels as they can enjoy more facilities.
  • Lodges are affordable as compared with a five-star hotel if you have a limited budget.
  • Lodges are comparatively simpler, with only basic needs for tourists.

Where Should I Stay?

It depends on your choice. Both are good, but if you want accommodation, then lodges are preferred, but if you do not find the lodge, then hotels are good to go. If you want to enjoy hotels are exciting places, you can check for the facilities before booking a room for you.


Lodges provide accommodation while on the other hand hotels provide lodging with other facilities like restaurants, swimming pool, bars, room service, and many more. Hotels have many different categories, but the main point to differentiate both is that hotels provide meals while lodges do not.…

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Is This Hilton Really That Nice To Stay At?

Hilton was started in Cisco, Texas, in 1919 as a resting place for laborers who worked in the oil refinery. Afterward, the business grew with time, and now Hilton Company has 17 brands and 5,700 plus properties around the globe.

The hotels are the cleanest place to stay. The team is committed to providing extra efficient services to the visitors. The environment is highly peaceful and classy, with some of the top locations all around the world.


There are several locations in different countries around the world with flexible booking options for all customers; also you can change the terms free or cancel the booking in case of problems or change of plan. You can find the hotel in India, Uzbekistan, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kazakhstan, Qatar, and Myanmar.

  • Hilton Salwa Beach Resort

It is the largest beachfront resort destination. It is a landmark Resort on Arabian Gulf in Qatar. The place is beautiful and peaceful with 3.5 km long private beaches and gardens, Water Park, a marina, swimming pools, and over 20 dining venues.

  • Hawaii

Hawaii island is composed of eight islands with 1500 miles in the central Pacific Ocean. It is the ideal destination for tourism with natural beauty and exciting activities.

  • Hilton Aventura Miami

The beautiful hotel is near to the amazingly beautiful beaches of South Florida. The restaurants, bars, rooftop pool, and other services will enhance the joy of life.

There are several more fantastic places which are worth staying in. Visit the website to find the best one for you.

Meetings and Events

  • Weddings

You can arrange your wedding event at your dream locations. Plan your honeymoon or reception with Hilton and enjoy the perfect moments of your life.

  • Events

All types of social or business events are planned for the customers. The arrangements will be made depending upon the choice of the client. The arrangements will be of a high standard.


The benefits you get at Hilton which make it the best place are:

  • Affordable Price

The Hilton company offers the lowest rate bookings at the hotels. Customers get discounts and various deals, which further reduces the total expenses.

  • Free wifi

High-speed free wifi is openly available throughout the hotel premises. We ensure to provide the top quality services.

  • Exclusive App Features

The Hilton Hotel app is the advanced technology through which one can book a stay, choose the room, check-in, and check out. This app has made the process even easier.

  • Elite Level Benefits

There are several other benefits for elite members at the hotel, such as rollover night, milestone bonuses, free breakfast, and several other exciting offers.


Hilton has always come up with the best offers for which clients can get the benefit. The offers include the power pair promotion, 2x point package, getaway and save more, Hilton honors aspire card, and many more. These offers benefit the people who travel a lot and want to enjoy their time.…

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